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Partnership for development program

The Popular Art Centre executes the “Partnership for development program” for the year 2011 – 2013, with the partnership of Bisan Center and Maan Center. The program aims 14 community based centers distributed in 3 Palestinian governorates which are: Ramallah, Nablus, and Gaza. The Project includes four different aspects, were the content is designed based on the vision and the needs of the centers and the local society, knowing that the aspects of the program intersects significantly with the strategic plan of the Popular Art Centre. Art is considered a basic tool that is used by the program that generally aims societal change.


Establishing and developing Dabkeh troupes program:

The Out Reach program either establishes new Dabkeh troupes, or develops already established troupes. This program aims the marginalized areas in the west bank, or the areas that are suffering from the occupation and the apartheid wall. We always try to work in the marginalized areas to enhance the youth’s participation in their society. Another important aspect is that we try to concentrate on the girls in this program, since we believe that girls and women are half of the society. We can always notice the tangible development that results from this program, however, we can’t accurately measure the intangible development. It affects the whole society, were women are stronger, more confident and independent, and self-motivated, and the society is experiencing new things and getting exposed to new experiences making them more open.


Places that benefited from the Outreach program:

Ramallah: Saffa, Bil’in, Beitello, Kafr Ni’ma, Beit Rima, Ni’lin, Em Al-sharayet.
Nablus: The old city, Balata camp, ‘Askar, Til, Qaryout, Beit Dajan.
Salfit: Marda, Madama
Jenin: Al Zababdeh.
Bethlehem: Al Doha.
Gaza: South, North, middle.


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